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The Christmas Bugs

By | source:Here Dec 5th, 2013

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is now acceptable to begin Christmas decorating (though some also celebrate Christmas in July). From Christmas lights to Nativity scenes, there is always an interesting variety of Christmas decorations to take a gander at. However,  one decoration that is set up by almost everyone is the Christmas tree.

I used to HATE putting up the Christmas tree. Mainly because my mom used a fake tree that we had to assemble BRANCH BY BRANCH! It had the musky smell of attic, took over an hour to assemble, and I always got a weird film of dust on my fingers. My mom always tried to make it fun by making hot chocolate (even though it was always 80+ degrees in South Texas), or playing Christmas music, but it’s a tradition I’ve come to loathe.

I would always ask my mom, “why don’t we just get a real tree?!” Her usual response was that they were too expensive. After reading today’s infographic, I’m glad she never caved into my whining for a new tree.  Today’s interesting infographic is about the different critters that can potentially infiltrate your house when you take home a real Christmas tree. Bringing home a live tree is like inviting all the outdoor insects into your house for some hot chocolate and eggnog.

Don’t let today’s infographic put a damper on your Christmas spirit!