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The Potato Unpeeled: Nutritional Facts & Information

By | source: Dec 6th, 2013

So, Iâ??m from Idaho and my mama cooks potatoes. And my mamaâ??s mama cooked potatoes, and my mamaâ??s, mamaâ??s mama cooked potatoes, too. My family knows everything there is to know about the potato business.

Potatoes have been used since 8000 BCE and were originally domesticated in Peru. The potato was a principle source of energy for the Inca Empire. Potatoes were not used in Europe until the end of the 16th century. “There is no vegetable about which so much has been written and so much enthusiasm has been shown … The poor should be quite content with this foodstuff [potatoes].” was quoted from France’s 1785 edition of Bon Jardinier, an encyclopedia on gardening.

Anyway, like I was sayin’, Potatoes are the fruit of the ground. You can grill â??em, boil â??em, broil â??em, bake â??em, twice bake â??em, sauté â??em, smash â??em, mash â??em, dice â??em, slice â??em. Dey’s uh, Potato bread, Potato quiche, Potato Pancakes. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s sweet potatoes, Red potatoes, white potatoes, purple potatoes, Scalloped potatoes, potato soup, potato stew, potato casserole, potato curry, potato salad, Pakora, Potato Pie, shrimp and potatoes, hash browns, tater tots, potato skins, gnocchi, french fries, samosas, potato chips. That- that’s about it.