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Your Guide to Adopting a Shelter Dog

By | source: Dec 4th, 2013

I chose today’s infographic in light of my boyfriend’s decision to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter. He’s been planning to get a dog after he graduates college for years now, and that time has finally come! I’ve been way too excited (probably more so than him) for weeks now, and been obsessively checking no-kill shelter websites everyday for the perfect canine companion. I fell in love with a cream colored Jack Russell Terrier mix named Stella, but a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador Retriever mix has won my boyfriend over. We’re meeting his future pet this Saturday!

So many deserving dogs who are looking for a good home are available at your local animal shelter. All different sizes and ages are waiting patiently in foster homes and behind kennel enclosures for their forever homes.

As today’s infographic points out, shelter dogs are often more grateful of their new masters than those with a pedigree, and are resilient and tough. It should also be noted that mixed breeds are known to have less health problems than purebred dogs.

Christmas is fast approaching — if you’re in the right place in your life to welcome an animal into it, you might consider giving a shelter dog what he’s always wanted — a forever home. [Via]