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Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

By | source: Apr 22nd, 2014

Insulting someone out of sheer boredom is never okay! One should always seek to remain diplomatic and thoughtful of those around. One should not unnecessarily insult someone they did not mean to or cause a bar fight that could result in arrests. We should all let those stupid comments slide off our backs and be the bigger person when in the presence of “small” people.

However, there are times when you decide enough is enough! You’re so heated and there are so many different things you want to say to convey your message of utter disdain. Although so often we lose control of our words when we get mad. Our words don’t come out as they normally do and you end up saying something stupid.

When you get into situations like this and you quickly establish your position with “that” person with a gesture; be ready to go for what ever happens– let your actions do that talking.

The universal middle finger is good. It projects what you want to say and is very easy to understand. But does it say enough? Maybe you want to channel your inner Brit, stick up two fingers instead of one for a little more power. Use the rest depending on where you are, but remember that all of these are sure to get you into trouble. You’d better make sure you’re ready to throw down when throwing signs. [via]