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Saving the Planet with the Sun

By | source:Here Apr 23rd, 2017

Driving around California or any other sun drenched state, it’s hard to miss glittering solar panels installed on homes big and small.  

To me they’re a great reminder of the steps every home can take to conserve energy.

Yesterday was Earth Day, inspiring tips on how to preserve our planet.   But Earth Day is not the only day we can make a difference.  Change is that much more powerful when everyone comes together.

Running a household with power from the sun has become incredibly easy to setup.   Just how much impact do solar panels have?  Today’s infographic looks at the energy Sunrun solar customers use and the equivalent savings in green house gas and carbon dioxide emissions. Switching to solar in just a fraction of the nation’s households still manages to save a tremendous amount of emissions.

Harvesting energy from the sun is one of the most dependable and achievable solutions for energy generation.  Check out our post on whether tech can save us from global warming for other interesting ideas.