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5 Signs That Your Cat Is Bored

By | source:Here Dec 15th, 2019

Cats are a fascinating species. They love to play and explore. However, most cats who live indoors do not get enough stimulation throughout the day and end up bored. This can cause issues from overeating to your cat doing their business outside of the litter box. 

When my cat began to beg for food at all times of the day, I was super confused. I fed her not even two hours ago, and here she is, meowing at her food bowl like she’s starving. This seemed like it went beyond classic cat quirkiness and I began to get worried. I noticed that many cat owners report similar behaviors in their kitties also. I found out that my cat was not hungry, but she wanted to eat because of boredom. 

Excessive eating is just one sign that your furry friend is lacking in playtime. There are a number of other ways to tell that he or she is bored. It could be the complete opposite and they could stop eating as much as they normally do. Or other, more serious consequences, boredom can cause your cat to start going outside the litter box. 

If you think that your cat may be bored, check out this infographic for the signs of boredom in cats. As always though, if you notice any serious or prolonged changes in your cat’s behavior, take them to the vet!