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Olive Oil

By | source: Aug 14th, 2013

Today’s infographic features the almighty olive oil, known to some as oil of the gods. Olive oil first originated in Ancient Greece, where the olive tree was often referred to as “the tree that feeds the children,” and has been highly sought after ever since.

Today, most of us have a sleek bottle of this highly praised oil sitting in our kitchens at home, usually next to the stove. A lot of people will stand on their soapboxes and proclaim the health benefits of this rich and ancient oil, but not everyone knows about the oil’s multitude of uses. Sophia Loren swears by it as a part of her daily beauty regimen, and Rachel Ray coined the abbreviation EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) because of the frequency of the oil’s appearance on her show. Generally, we cook with it, even if some argue that adding heat to olive oil decreases its nutritional value. We can sauté, brown, stir-fry, deep fry, or even add this delicious oil to homemade hummus, pesto, pizza–you name it! But, did you know it can also act as a make-up remover, sore throat soother, floor and furniture polish, lice remover, moisturizer, fuel, and so much more?!

There’s certainly a reason for olive oil’s cult following. Check out today’s infographic and look up some homemade recipes to see just what this amazing oil can do for you; health wise, beauty wise, or something in between. [Via]