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10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

By | source: Aug 15th, 2013

I just finished reading this amazingly heartbreaking book called, Still Alice. The story tells of the struggles and ultimate transformation of a tenured Harvard professor who is diagnosed with early- onset Alzheimer’s. Being the sensitive type, the book had me tearing up every few chapters. It is a fabulously written book that I highly recommend. After reading the book, I foolishly couldn’t help but find similarities between Alice’s forgetfulness and my own. I know it’s impossible for a 22 year old to have Alzheimer’s, but the similarities were too close to ignore!

Turns out, Alzheimer’s symptoms are overlooked or misdiagnosed for other illnesses. Many times it is easily written off as being forgetful, or misdiagnosed as depression. Today’s infographic lays out 10 early symptoms found in Alzheimer’s. While the disease will ultimately progress over time, early detection will delay the process. That means early diagnosis and early treatment will keep you or your loved ones with you that much longer. [via]