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My Movie Moustache and Me

By | source: Dec 18th, 2013

“Is there a greater mark of a man’s character than a moustache?” According to today’s infographic, and apparently Ron Burgundy, there is not. Facial hair has been a symbol of manliness and style for centuries, and has graced some of the most famous faces on the silver screen (some animated, some not). Today’s infographic is dedicated to mustaches and those who wore them best.

There’s “The Burgundy,” a stache that resembles a furry caterpillar who crawled under one’s nose and fell asleep — this mustache is modeled after Will Ferrel’s character in the movie Anchorman, and more recently, Anchorman 2; there’s also “The Butcher,” a rather classical looking mustache that has become something of an icon, seen on everything, from mugs, to bandaids, and unfortunately index fingers; there’s even “The Lorax” a shaggy looking mustache that somehow imparts wisdom about the ways of the world and nature conservation; and of course “The Chaplin” a stache worn by one of the greatest entertainers in history (and sadly worn by the scariest dictator of all time, but we’re celebrating Charlie in this case) — don a bowler hat with this stache and you’ll be good to go.

For more mustache stylings and inspirations check out the graphic below. [Via]