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How To Be More Creative

By | source: Dec 17th, 2013

I’m posting this infographic because my creativity was missing last month. And I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I would sit at my desk with every intention of writing brilliant things, but the words were dull and gave little light to brilliance.

I decided to hunt for it. I went on walks collecting sticks that I would later turn into magic wands. I set up a twenty-person tent in my front yard for my birthday party and themed it “the way you felt when you were read your favorite children’s book.” I watched Amelie and wondered what it would be like to stalk someone. I re-read all of 2013’s journal entries (miserably inspirational). I read books of course. I started writing quotes on a little white board that sits above my desk. I lit a lot of candles. I eavesdropped. It worked. So here you have it, an infographic on harnessing creativity, in case you too have misplaced your creative side. [via]