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Set Your Creativity Ablaze! 7 Ways to Generate New Ideas

By | source:Here Sep 29th, 2019

Coming up with great ideas is the easiest part of being creative. Where the real challenge resides is in being creative in a consistent manner. Do you know how to develop the habits that will allow you to be creative and come up with fantastic ideas?

The first thing you have to do is to ponder what you consume daily. Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” The more information and thoughts we have to connect will necessarily lead to greater ideas. In other words, every bit of information you expose yourself to every day, from TV shows and newspapers to movies, music, and even people we interact with, all will influence the ideas you come up with.

The funny thing with ideas is that they come when they feel like it, not when we want them to. So great advice for people who want to improve their creativity is to acknowledge ideas can and will show up in the most unexpected situations. A great way to catch amazing ideas on the fly is to always carry a notepad you can scribble on. Gen Zers find sending themselves emails or voice notes are the best way to retain ideas.

The extent to which you commit to incorporating these habits into your daily routine is up to you. Always remember, being creative is a matter of hard work.