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Malbec 101: The Shining Star of Today’s Wine Enthusiast

By | source: Feb 7th, 2015

Malbecs are so hot right now. Not joking either. I’m more than on the bandwagon. This France to Argentinian wonder grape has taken over the vineyards along South America’s southwestern region. Even Chile is in on the action. Serves them right, the wine is delicious. And as a cheap, scratch that, value wine, Malbec is very much on my radar. Malbecs are usually bold with plenty of tannins and berry forward. These three things make me drool. I’m also into old-world earth tones, and although Malbecs don’t really represent that aspect, I still like them.

Malbecs pair well with plenty of food. I refuse to drink white wine, so when I’m having seafood, light salads, or veggie-heavy dishes, I usually go for the Malbec. It has never disappointed either. Now I bet you’re starting to understand why Malbec has taken the wine world by surprise. South American wines haven’t been at the forefront in a while, but Malbec, with an almost universally enjoyed taste has begun what I hope is a foray into South American wine experimentation.

Knowing your wine’s origin, pallet and popularity is essential for any wine snob. Pay close attention to the infographic below so next time you’re at dinner, you can brag about your intoxicating selection. [via]