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Love & Money: The Real Cost of Valentine’s Day

By | source: Feb 9th, 2015

Hallmark’s claim to fame is among us again: the holiday with less history than Kim Kardashian, and more money flowing than a small African nation. Besides the jest, having a night to designate for your loved one is important. Going out and emphasizing the reason why you’re in love is even more important. Let’s face it though, the single guys and girls are the real success stories of Valentine’s day. Young men and women facing their fears and asking each other out for a night on the town on the most romantic day of the year is devastatingly hard.

We’ve all been there. The first time, it took a two-hour conversation in order for me to gather up the nerves to ask my love out. Of course she said yes (thank God). From there it was easy going. Just kidding, my love life is a roller coaster ride and every Valentine’s Day, I’m either wrought with anxiety from not having a date, or riddled with the equivalent of having to plan an extravagant night out with my significant other.

According to the data below, men spend more money than women, but don’t count the girls out. They spend a pretty penny as well. Valentine’s Day is a night out for everyone. Show your love and make it one of the most romantic nights of the year. [via]