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Office Temperature Wars: Are You Too Hot?

By | source: Feb 6th, 2015

This may be another one of those posts where I bash the infographic to hell and back. Yes, I think it will be. Let’s not be so rash so fast. I like the design. It’s easy – yes, and the info isn’t completely lying to us, but I still like it. Besides the design, were any of these facts taken from offices in the south? Oh, they must have, because they seem to ignore the data when it comes to the office being too cold in the summer or too hot in the winter.

Those are the problems which we care about down here. When God’s pumping out 110 degree weather, our offices are set to 50. It gets so cold, we bring jackets to work during June. When it’s 30 out during the winter, the thermostat is on 80. Call it poor insulation or call it bad judgement, but this is how it is in every office. The infographic today may have covered a small majority of temperature gremlins, but not me.

My office just recently installed Nest. Yes, the all-knowing, sentient thermostat. I’m not sure if it’s helping, but our heater comes on like dragon’s breath and for the first office in my life, I think I’m comfortable. [via]