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A Journey Of Campervans Over The Years

By | source:Swansway Jun 23rd, 2017

Being able to go on a road trip is one of the highlights of driving for me.  It’s the freedom of being on the open road, wind blowing through my hair, adventure ahead.

With summer in full swing, it’s time to consider a road trip! Travelers often choose campervans, which are vehicles that have sleeping and cooking accommodations.  This is one way to make the average camping trip more comfortable.

Road trips have been particularly glamorized in the movies,  with VW campervans showing up in flicks like Little Miss Sunshine, Argo, Back to the Future, or Field of Dreams.  Who can forget the yellow campervan in Little Miss Sunshine?

Today’s infographic from Swansway shows a history of the VW campervans from the 1950s all the way to today.  The modernization of the van exterior is just as interesting as the nicknames the older vans were called – Bulli and Splitty.

If you get to take time off for a trip, here are a few affordable cities for a road trip.