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A Handy Guide To Europe’s Confusing Driving Laws

By | source:Here Jul 23rd, 2018

One of the downsides of living in the U.S. is how long it takes for us to get to other countries. Taking a drive to Canada is easy from New York — from Miami, not so much. In Europe, it’s possible to drive across much of the continent, which is why we’re taking a look at driving laws across Europe.

Remember, laws are always changing, so make sure you stay knowledgeable about the current laws before you travel. But according to this infographic, some European countries have fascinating road rules. In Finland, the speed limit drops by 20 kilometers between the months of October and March. This is due to how icy roads can get during those months, but it could also cause an unsuspecting tourist to get a ticket!

It’s against the law to drink and drive pretty much everywhere, but this law is enforced more strictly in some countries. In Poland, the blood alcohol concentration limit is .02. For reference, the limit in the United States is .08, so make sure you avoid alcohol on the road in Poland — even having one drink could get you in trouble.

This infographic also says that drivers in Cyprus aren’t able to drink anything while driving, even if its water. Given the prevalence of distracted driving, the rule makes sense, but it could also get you in trouble. Now that you know how to properly drive through Europe, it’s time to plan your next vacation!