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A Woman’s Guide For Safely Traveling The World

By | source:Here Sep 29th, 2020

There was a period of time where it was abnormal, even frowned upon for a woman to be independent. However, throughout the years, women have started doing things for themselves,

from running businesses to being the breadwinner of the family. Recently a new term has emerged: The Wandering Woman. This is due to the fact that lately, we have seen an increase in solo female travelers in many countries.

There are many reasons why women have been–and still are–hesitant to travel by themselves, including fear for personal safety and being lonely during their travels. However, there are preparations a traveler can make to reduce the risk of these things. For example, it is a good idea to research the place you will be traveling to beforehand. Learn about the crime rates, the safest areas to stay in, and try to pick up a few sentences in the native language. This will help you to be more safe and open up the possibility of making friends and talking to people on the trip.

Solo travel isn’t just for the young, statistics show that women over age 55 are just as open to the idea as women aged 18. There’s never a wrong age to travel, as long as you’re safe and do the research before!