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Top Seven Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

By | source:KaplanLawyers Sep 9th, 2016

Car accidents are some of the most startling events that most of us experience at least once during our lifetime. If we’re lucky we may walk away from the wreck with some seatbelt bruises and an airbag burn, but a lot of others are not so lucky. Today’s infographic goes over some of the most common injuries, and how they can also be some of the most difficult to heal.

Whiplash. A vehicle accident’s most common injury. Usually not a serious one, but in some cases can have very complicated and long healing processes. Akin to whiplash are joint injuries. Very common in car accidents, but can be have a lengthly and painful healing process. Especially if the injury is a Trimalleolar fracture on the ankle or a Colles wrist fracture. These injuries can be very costly and sometimes requiring surgery.

Spinal, back and internal injuries are also very common and can be very serious. Next time you’re in a wreck make sure to let the EMS workers check you out and visit your general practitioner if anything seems off.