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The Fourth Of July By The Numbers

By | source:Here Jul 4th, 2018

Anyone who’s taken a basic U.S. history class knows the significance of July 4. It’s America’s Independence Day and a celebration of the country becoming free. But 1776 isn’t the only important number related to the holiday.

Today’s infographic is from The History Channel, and it has everything you need to know about July 4 from the 18th century until present day. Did you know 13 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were under 35? In today’s world, they wouldn’t be old enough to run for U.S. Senator!

Even though July 4 was clearly a monumental day, it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1941, although states like Maryland celebrated long before it was officially declared a holiday. President George Washington marked the second anniversary of Independence Day by giving his soldiers extra rum.

Today, most Americans attend a fireworks show, and 1 in 4 people will set off their own fireworks. If you aren’t one for fireworks, you’ll probably still attend a BBQ and eat a hot dog — 150 million weiners are consumed on the holiday nationwide.

The team at Daily Infographic wishes you a fun-filled, safe holiday! Prepare for your celebration by learning how to take amazing pictures of fireworks that’ll impress your friends.