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200+ DIY E-Liquid Flavor Pairings For Vaping Lovers

By | source:Here Jul 3rd, 2018

Vaping has been shown to be healthier than smoking cigarettes, and one of the many benefits of vaping is the opportunity to create your own combination of e-liquids. DIY e-liquids are

a trend in the vaping industry for a reason – you can save money, control the nicotine ratio, and get creative playing with different flavor combinations to make your own e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a combination no one’s tried!

Whether you’re whipping up a new dish in the kitchen or creating a new e-liquid, flavor is always key. While it may be tempting to pick random combinations and hope for the best, doing your research will make the DIY e-liquid experience much smoother for you. Before you start experimenting with e-liquid combinations, you need to know the basics about flavors and which profiles pair well together.

That’s why MIST put together this helpful e-liquid flavor pairing chart to make it easier for you. The chart contains 32 base flavors and all of their flavor pairing options. Some may seem like unlikely combos — grapefruit and caramel don’t sound appealing at first glance — but these are tried-and-true pairings that every vaper needs to try. Once you know exactly which flavors blend well together, you’ll be creating your new favorite e-liquid in no time!