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How Remote Employees Can Become Team Leaders

By | source:Here Jul 5th, 2018

This isn’t your grandmother’s job market. Most jobs today are increasingly mobile, which requires flexibility from employees.  From having your IT crew on the other side of the world to working from home and saving money on a babysitter, remote work allows a ton of opportunities.

This means that traditional leadership schemes aren’t working anymore. So how can you increase productivity and manage a team in today’s global workplace? When it comes down to it, remote teams aren’t that different from traditional ones. If you have a great team, distance won’t change that. On the other hand, teams that have a hard time with communication will fall apart when working remotely.

The real secret to effective remote work is having a plan and a process in place. When every member of the team knows their role and has an understanding of expectations, it’s way easier for everybody to be organized and for you to excel as a manager.

The other advantage of a clear process? Team leaders can delegate more effectively based on everybody’s strengths, lessening the tendency to micromanage every step of the way. Undoubtedly, working remotely is a challenge for some people, but it also offers a chance to achieve a true work-life balance.