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The History Of Breaking New Year’s Resolutions With Tips On Goal Setting

By | source:Here Jan 2nd, 2022

Is this the year that you’ll stick to your New Year’s resolutions? If you feel yourself wavering, then follow these tips to achieve your goals this year.

At first glance, New Year’s resolutions seem like an easy concept. You decide to do something, you announce it to the world, then you do it. But that simplicity is deceptive—which is why many people end up breaking New Year’s resolutions. Setting yearly goals is a complex tradition. By understanding the history of resolutions, you’ll figure out how to make them work for you.

If you’re struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions, then you’re not alone. In fact, there were probably Babylonians and ancient Romans going through precisely the same struggle, as resolutions have been around for thousands of years. The Romans made promises to Janus, the god after whom January is named. Throughout history, breaking New Year’s resolutions came to be expected.

After all, 80% of people fail to stick to their New Year resolution, which can be a discouraging statistic. But there are some differences between those who keep going and those who stop. For example, people who keep their goals too broad tend to fail, because there are no concrete actions to take. However, those who set specific goals are likely to meet them. Equally, attempting the same resolutions year after year sets you up for failure while learning from your mistakes and establishing a better resolution helps you succeed. Ultimately, if you’re thoughtful and realistic, you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions.