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How to Break the Sound Barrier with Your Body

By | source:Outdoor World Direct Jun 26th, 2016

Hint: Jump from the stratosphere. This infographic tries to get your brain to realize the scale of the Felix Baumgartner jump. 

BASE jumping stands for Buildings, Antennae, Spans, and Earth. Those are the four categories of fixed objects that you have to jump from before you can call yourself a BASE jumper. “Spans” usually means Bridges, but I guess they thought that BASE was a better acronym than BABE.  I’m not sure if I agree.

Felix had been leaping off of cool stuff for a long time before he took a balloon to the edge of space. Looking at those other things gives a sense of the scale of the space jump. The Christ the Redeemer statue seems plenty big to me but compared to the Taipei 101 Tower it seems tiny. Then when the infographic scales the tower down until it’s smaller than Christ the Redeemer the height edge of space jump almost starts to be comprehensible, which somehow makes it even more mind-blowing.

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