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2016 Design Trends

By | source:Coastal Creative May 20th, 2016

Except for those who are battling with a crappy connection, the internet moves really fast. Trends will always come and go, but they change at a particularly quick pace on the web. With evolving consumer demands, constant innovation, and the rapid exchange of ideas, the web never sleeps, never stops changing, never stops growing.

And yet, despite the limitless possibilities and perpetual transformations, there are some trends in digital design that maintain great staying power. Certain elements of design are timeless and transcend all mediums, with the web being no exception. And one of the neat paradoxes where the internet meets design is that growing expertise and capabilities on the web need not call for greater intricacy or complexity in design. Often innovation is as simple as simplicity itself.

In the vast, equalizing space that is the web, great design is accessible to all.