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Cure Your Ignorance of Necklines

By | source:Enérie Jul 25th, 2015

Rejoice! You need no longer fear being found out as a neckline ignoramus. When your engaged friend asks if you think a Queen Anne or a simple sweetheart would work better on her wedding dress you can calmly tell her which you prefer, instead of yelling “I think I left the gas on!” and sprinting away. (By the way, you might want to send her this infographic we posted about budgeting weddings.)

On a date? Instead of blurting out something stupid like “I like your shoulders” tell her that the sabrina neckline works really well on her. I would be impressed by that. I mean c’mon.

Whether you’re making a fashion bingo board or just stairing around your closet with new eyes, I hope this infographic catapults you into a new experience of the world where you walk through crowds like a botanist walks through the deep jungle; full of the delight of categorization.
Or at least I hope you enjoy your fashion vocab/fashion history/textiles/coloring processes/color significance Wikipedia spiral as much as I did.