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Pollination: A Simple Refresher

By | source:Eden Project Jul 26th, 2015

Next time you’re walking to work and you nearly drop your phone when a bee powers by your face, don’t hate. That bee’s doing work, son. That bee is busy making sure that the angiosperms, a huge portion of the basis of our entire food chain, can make more of themselves. So step off with your “implementing best practices in social management and digital outreach” and beg that bee’s pardon. You might have made her late.
And if I haven’t guilted you enough, here’s an infographic about the great bee die-off that you’ve heard of, but still aren’t worrying about like you should be.

This infographic is simple and meant as an introduction for children, but I didn’t know (or forgot) that bees/insects feed pollen to their young. I thought it was just the nectar that got eaten. It’s still only a surface level explaination, so if your appetite for pollination knowledge has been whetted, I suggest you watch this sweet English gent waive a hook-shaped knife around while he tells you how flowers that have both male and female parts avoid self-pollination.