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High-Heel Hazards

By | source: Apr 11th, 2013

I’m a pretty small woman, I only measure in at 5’2, and that’s on a good day. Most days I wish I was taller so I wouldn’t have to hem up all of my pants or maxi dresses. However, whenever i go out I am thankful for my height because I can wear sky-high heels and not feel like a giant. I love heels! I can successfully walk in them for hours at a time, and I am proud to say that I can even run then them.

However, heels can be a extremely painful after a few hours. I remember spending most of my night in some beautiful red stilettos, only to hear a clicking noise coming from my ankle the next morning. Pain is beauty, but is the beauty of the show really worth an injury? How embarrassing would it be to admit you sprained an ankle from wearing high heels? Today’s infographic lists potential injuries women are risking when they wear heels. It’s a little sad to see that my feet will eventually suffer from all of the hours I’ve spent in high-heels. However, I am not sad enough to stop wearing my precious shoes. What about you? Will you limit your heel use? [via]