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Coachella 2013: The Best Acts

By | source: Apr 12th, 2013

I’m one of those fortunate to know dozens of people going to Coachella this year, unfortunately I’m not one of them… As a two year Bonnaroo vet and a un-countable number of music fests under my belt I feel I have the authority to criticize this infographic.

First off, whoever wrote this graphic must have just stumbled upon Pitchfork’s “best acts of 2010” and decided three years later its still applicable. Seriously, there isn’t one recent break-out performer on this list. Every act on this graphic has been through the festival gauntlet for years. What do you mean they’re a band that you want “to play a low-key house party”. The Lumineers won a grammy for christ’s sake.

Do not go see Bassnecter or Pretty Lights unless you want a bunch of rave crazy high-schoolers tripping on ecstasy to feel you up the whole time. The XX and Yeasayer are great, but why see bands that will frequent your city multiple times a year?

Want to know my “best of” picks for Coachella? You will not regret it. I’ll start off with Cloud Nothings and DIIV to wake you up with a little subdued moshing. Divine Fits for some rock & roll followed by Earl Sweatshirt for a bit of lyricism. James Blake will be a great show to calm down with, but hitting up Grimes will keep you blood flowing. Tame Impala for the 60’s vibe and The Postal Service for a bit of nostalgia. Then back to high energy with Trash Talk and I’d end it with an incredible set from Youth Lagoon.

Well those are my picks for Coachella, hope your don’t waste your time – it will be over before you know it. [Via]