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Learning to Play Sweet Music – a Workout for the Brain

By | source:here Sep 9th, 2021

The love of music runs through all cultures across the globe. People get pleasure from the complex mixture of notes and rhythm. Music and dance go hand in hand. It forms an integral part of life’s celebrations, sad moments, and religious worship.

Music communicates on an emotional level helping us to feel happier, work harder and de-stress. We admire those who can play the instruments that bring so much pleasure. Just consider the crowds that turned out to watch the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Queen.

If you’re wondering whether it is time to start learning a musical instrument, this infographic should convince you. The benefits are many and varied, from growing your confidence and management skills to improving your creativity and social skills.

Music helps to train and strengthen the brain. It helps to improve memory. That’s not difficult for anyone who has tried to learn even the simplest ditty to understand. The coordination of the body and brain can take some practice. Learning music requires the engagement of both sides of the brain and can improve abstract reasoning skills.

Learning to play an instrument requires constant repetition, which is comforting and reduces stress along with blood pressure and heart rate. Above all, it is a pastime that can help you to a greater sense of accomplishment as you play your way up the scales into the music halls of fame.

So, reach for that sheet music and the instrument of your choice and play your way into your happy place.