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8 Areas To Target To Win Every Fight

By | source:Here Sep 10th, 2021

Get ready to win every bar brawl from now on! I mean, it’s always better to put your hands up and apologize (even if you did nothing wrong) or run. But sometimes fighting is inevitable. And if for your own self-protection, it’s always good to have at least some basic knowledge on fighting other people.

The first trick is to watch out for body language. This works if your opponent is clearly getting ready to fight you.

Mixed martial arts Wally Macdonald explained to MensHealth that opponents will tense up, drop their chin and shift their weight before attacking. Take a look at what’s tensing up and you’ll see a pattern.

More so, it’s important to slow your opponent down. This will give you precious time to get away or call for help. Aim for delicate parts of the body, and if you think you’ve got a chance, never underestimate a swift kick in the crotch.

Nevertheless, try to avoid getting in a physical fight altogether. It’s better to have a bruised ego than a bruised face. If you fear for your own safety, it’s always a good idea to take some self-defense classes: they won’t teach you to pick a fight, but you’ll be ready to protect yourself if the need arises.