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Fun Facts You Never Knew About UFC Fighting

By | source:Here Jan 14th, 2020

UFC can be a fascinating sport to watch, with so much thrilling action, compelling backstories, and sheer athleticism on display. But besides enjoying the sport itself, it can be interesting to learn some of the facts and statistics that back up all of that impressive fighting action. Keep reading to learn some facts about UFC that might surprise you!

Ordinary people may devote a fair bit of thought to trying to lose weight, gain weight, or otherwise achieve their ideal weight. But no on devotes more time and energy to managing their weight than UFC fighters, whose entire career can hinge upon which weight class they fight in. These classes range from strawweight (agile and technically skilled fighters with no minimum weight, and a maximum of 115 lbs) to heavyweight (the strongest and biggest fighters, weighing between 205 and 250 lbs). In between, you can find flyweights (quick and agile fighters), welterweights (who specialize in bodyslams and damaging punches) and middleweights (who tip the balance towards boxing and striking, and away from wrestling.)

Different styles have their moment in the spotlight, too, and generate differing amounts of champions, with wrestling taking the lead at 71 champions, and judo producing only one. It’s precisely that diversity of styles and fighters that makes UFC so engaging to watch.