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The Undeniable Benefits Of School Sports

By | source:Here Aug 16th, 2021

The participation of school sports provides not only great exercise to students that are involved, but also allows these students to have reliable outlet to help cope with their stress.

Troubling amounts of students experience stress throughout their adolescent years. This is oftentimes due to academics in addition to their social lives. Although, many studies have different findings, it is generally believed that participation in school sports is beneficial for students by allowing them to cope with their stress. Overall, students that are involved in school sports report having lower levels of stress than students who don’t partake in school sports.

However, this isn’t always the case. And school sports can also open the door to more stress for these students. Coaches of school sports team oftentimes treat their athletes in detrimental ways that create more stress. This can erase many of the benefits of participating in school sports. However, this can be greatly resolved if coaches were to start treating their athletes with more compassion.

All in all, school sports are a great way for students to deal with stress and express themselves. It’s a valid argument to imply that more participation in school sports from students would lower overall levels of stress, but it is also very important that the coaches of these sports teams create an environment for these students that allows them to escape the stress that they deal with on a daily basis.