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NFL Injuries By The Numbers

By | source:Here Jan 15th, 2020

Week in, week out, NFL players put their bodies on the line up and down America, which inevitably leads to numerous physical injuries across the season.

The injured may exit the field but their impact is felt, especially during the playoffs.

During this past regular season, we saw 4,732 injuries reported with 1,297 injured players; these numbers are pretty staggering and there are some interesting takeaways when comparing these injuries to a team’s performance.

Interestingly, from a total of 83 reported concussions during the NFL regular season, Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks – who were both involved in this year’s Divisional Playoffs – reported no concussions between them, but in contrast, New York Giants (4-12) had the most reported concussions, with 7.

As today’s infographic highlights, neither the sides with the highest or lowest number of injured players featured in this year’s play offs: New York Jets and Cleveland Browns noted 59 players who were injured in the regular season and the team with the least number of injuries was the Chicago Bears with 26.