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Why Your Game Boy’s Domination is Over

By | source: Jul 13th, 2010

I’m not going to lie, I was a Game Boy fanatic as a kid. Whoever didn’t play the original Pokemon is missing out on life. The blue version was the best by the way. I would always start a new game and make it about half way before someone would accidentally save over my game. That was the worst part. If you only had Pokemon in your Game Boy and no other games, no one else could play. I mean they could start a new game and not save, but there’s no way I’d let someone play my game. Or was the worst part going through that pitch black cave when you’re too lazy to get the Flash TM. You know what I mean when I say Zubats suck. Besides Pokemon, I tried to play Zelda, but was too stupid and young to handle it. I suppose I could give it another go, but I doubt college Timmy is much smarter than elementary Timmy.

Let’s put an end to our digression (yes it is also your fault that we got off topic) and let me tell you why your trusty Game Boy is losing a future. Don’t worry, your lousy PSP’s horizon doesn’t look too bright either. Mobile gaming, it was the past and it is the future. How many games out on the DS? 930. For the Apple app store? OVER 31,000! That’s a big difference incase you didn’t notice. Soon, if Nintendo doesn’t put some of its old games on the mobile app marketplace- I’m afraid it could mean the end of Nintendo’s mobile gaming empire. [Via]

P.S. I don’t really think Nintendo is Doomed, I just wanna get Zelda for my Iphone.