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Food Pyramids for Runners

By | source: Jan 17th, 2015

Running takes strength, endurance, passion and most importantly, commitment. While consistent runners strongly exhibit these characteristics, runners more often than not are regular Joe’s. There is a preconceived notion that a runner is some kind of health guru who only shops for organics at Whole Foods. People think runners have rid their diets of donuts and pizza, and that they only eat couscous and some veggie medley all day, everyday.

People have no idea they are carrying these false impressions of avid runners. The majority of runners have normal jobs and normal lives, and are exposed to the same amount of donuts, pizza, beer and cheesy goodness as the rest of us. And just like we cave for these delicious fatty goods, they do too. The Food Pyramids supplied to us by RunnersWorld correctly suggest that all runners need to consume large amounts of carbs. That is very true and quite easy to do, as they are usually everyone’s favorite.

Laying the foundation for a healthy diet suitable for people who strive for long distances and a good stride are whole grains and carbs. The foundation is followed by fruits and vegetables, and not meats, which many people consider to be a staple for every meal.

We all struggle with eating right and maintaining the diet that helps us meet our fitness goals. Runners are people just like you and me; the only difference is their level of activity. [via]