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Worth the Risk? Football and Injury

By | source: Jan 16th, 2015

Football season is finally winding down on all fronts. Just last week, Ohio State came from out of nowhere, in the face of many nay-sayers, to win the FBS College National Title. Routing the heavily favored Oregon Ducks 42 to 20, with Ohio State utilizing a third string quarterback. One of the many reasons why I love college football is the unpredictability of a match up. With future possibilities of going professional, these college kids give it everything they have to win big games.

Sometimes giving it your all can end with negative consequences. Those consequences are almost always an injury. Sprained ankles, bruised ribs, and fractured fingers. Those are just the everyday injuries these players – college and pro – face constantly. The real issues with the game arise with constant strain on vertebra, or the onslaught of concussions players can acquire over a career playing the game they love.Tony Romo, the Cowboys long-time quarterback, has played through questionable back injuries all year. These types of injuries will be haunting the player with pain for the rest of their lives.

This Sunday, the NFL playoff game between the Colts and Patriots will take place. Even though professional football players are better off than their less-trained counterparts, 13 percent of all NFL players have one concussion annually. The Indianapolis Colts are in the top five teams with concussions. When you tune into the game this Sunday, root for your team, but also root for every player to come off the field unharmed. [IndianaPILaw]