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Flavor Freedom Facts

By | source: Nov 4th, 2014

I’m a burrito fiend. Ok, I’m from Austin, so tacos come first and foremost, but burritos aren’t far behind. The mix of base ingredients used in all Mexican cooking is probably my favorite food. When combined altogether in one huge tortilla, the blend of flavor is fantastic.

If I’m not making my own burrito at home, I’m not afraid to hit up my local burrito chain. Taco Bell, you’re a disgrace to Mexican cuisine. The Quesorito is the nastiest menu item you’ve thought up, and all of your food laughs in the face of fresh, veggie-heavy dishes native to south of the border.

Okay, enough hate, more burrito love. My homemade specialty includes sliced teriyaki chicken, fresh pico, spicy salsa, peppered rice, queso fresco, black beans, roasted jalapeños, freshly chopped spinach, sautéed bell peppers & onions, and a healthy amount of avocado. All this rolled up in one huge spinach tortilla makes my mouth water, but wait – there’s more. I’m not only making myself lunch for the day; I’ll make up to a dozen of them at once and then freeze the rest for later meals. Yes, I am a genius, thank you very much.

Go get yourself a burrito today – you deserve it. [Extra’s aren’t Extra]

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