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A Spicy Journey Around the World

By | source:Here Aug 20th, 2020

Gone are the days where traditional bangers and mash, roast chicken dinner, and fish and chips were the tastiest meals on the menu. Today we have available a world of spices and fresh produce to cook ourselves around the globe. From Italian to Middle Eastern, Mexican to North African the choices are endless as long as you know which spices fit the destination.

What makes a good cook isn’t their dicing ability or their plating skills, it is their ability to combine flavors to properly season the food so that it tastes delicious and smells delightful. Spices add flavor and aroma and many of them like chili and turmeric add vibrance and color.

Most meals are defined by the spices that flavor them. Who could mistake a fiery Indian curry for a coconut-infused Thai Green or confuse a Mexican meal with Chinese? Each has its own identity but you must know how to mix your spices or you’ll confound the diners.

This infographic offers an easy reference to the flavors that define the cuisine of the area.

By experimenting with the flavors, fragrance, and colors you’ll soon distinguish your own unique brand of cooking. Allow your seasoning to add complexity to your food that has diners coming back for more.