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6 Surprising Facts About Avocados

By | source:Here Sep 15th, 2020

You know it, you love it, you spend way too much money at Chipotle for it: it’s avocado!

It isn’t a secret that this trendy superfood has taken the food world by storm with its delicious flavor and versatility, but did you know that the avocado can actually be used to substitute butter? Did you know that it works as a powerful aphrodisiac? Did you know that it’s not even a vegetable? It’s actually a berry! 

There’s a lot more to this green delight than being a good toast topping. It has the highest protein content of all fruits and has more potassium than a banana, making it a popular snack with runners. It’s also filled with Vitamin E, which is why so many beauty brands have started using avocado oil in their moisturizers and makeup. It even makes a great DIY face mask (as long as you’re okay missing out on eating this millennial favorite). Eating it can even help you stay attentive and focused for hours. Basically, it’s healthy, nutritious, and can be used in every dish from salads to smoothies.

See for yourself as this infographic shows you all the wonders that come from this powerful fruit.