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How Dr. Seuss Left A Literary Impact

By | source:Here Sep 16th, 2020

The last three generations of children have grown up with Dr. Seuss. These timeless books written in rhymes have been the favorite of millions of children across the globe. There are not many English-speaking people who can claim never to have heard of The Cat In The Hat or considered eating green eggs and ham.

It’s hard to believe that publishers rejected his first book 27 times before it was eventually published in 1937. He was about to throw the book into the incinerator but he ran into a friend who had just started work as an editor and they signed a deal. “And the rest,” as they say, “is history.”

Dr. Seuss went on to become one of the most popular children’s storytellers of all time. There is even evidence to support the theory that he invented the word “nerd”! By the time the author died in 1991 his books had been translated into more than 20 languages. Many of the stories have been made into television features and movies.

The books, beloved of children, feature rhymes, nonsense words, and strange creatures the like that never roamed the world. It seems that Dr. Seuss is timeless, appealing to children across generations, cultures, and countries even as the television grabs their attention.