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Family Doctors and Disability

By | source: Jun 4th, 2013

When I’m feeling under the weather or having health problems of any sort, I go to my family practitioner.  She diagnoses me and sends me on my merry way to recovery.  All of her patients rely on her to be at their beckon call when they are sick, injured, or have spent too much time on WebMD. But, what happens when the doctor get’s sick or injured?

In the infographic below, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Insurance discusses the plain–but often overlooked–truth that doctors are people too, and just like the average worker, they have a one-in-three risk of becoming disabled and being out of work for six months or more during his or her career.  Where doctors vary from the average worker is their salary.  Since the average salary of a family doctor is much higher than anything Social Security Disability Insurance would be able to cover, it’s important that family doctors go the extra mile to be sure they are taken care of in the event that they are out of work.

The rest of the infographic will help you determine whether or not you and your family are covered and also help you plan for the future. [via]