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Shaken and Stirred Millenials – A Consumer Group from Scarborough

By | source: Jun 5th, 2013

There is indeed a drinking culture in America. So many times, especially in the work place, you don’t really get to know someone until you’ve had a few drinks with them. Social drinking gets you connected with people, ideas and culture. But first off, let me clarify what the heck ‘Shaken and Stirred Millenials’ are.

According to Scarborough, they are people who are defined as adults in the age range of 21-34 that drink alcohol. As you can probably guess, this is a rather large group of people. This infographic attempts to find the commonalities and traits of this population by averaging where and what this group is drinking. With this information, it will illuminate how one might market to this current group of drinkers.

I found it interesting that, from this study, beer was usually the breadwinner regardless of the location of purchase (the exception being liquor stores of course). And if they were to have liquor somewhere, most would have a vodka drink over other varieties. Shaken and Stirred Millenials! You should of stepped up with the Tequila preferences. Darn you rascals!

Overall the infographic has some confusing aspects (for instance – is this a national group or local survey?) but provides some interesting resulting qualities of the average young-drinker. [Via]