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Definitive Guide To Jean Care

By | source:Here Mar 19th, 2019

We all have that one pair of jeans that fits perfectly and works with just about any outfit combination.  Unfortunately, nothing can last forever, including those amazing jeans. The good news is that there are some ways you can keep them fresh for a long time.

Even though it sounds odd, not washing your jeans is actually beneficial to their longevity.  But if you can’t wash them, how do you keep them clean? One way is to freeze them. Put the jeans in your fridge for several hours and defrost them before you put them on.  This may be a good idea for the dog days of summer.

Another approach to cleaning them is by using alcohol.  Diluting vodka with water gives you an effective weapon in the fight against musty smelling jeans.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive brand of vodka.

In case you absolutely have to wash them, be sure to use cold water and turn them inside out.  Hand washing is highly recommended.

For better or for worse, you can never be completely clean for your dates.  You can, however, freshen up your favorite pair of jeans.  Just be sure to air them out from that vodka so people don’t get the wrong idea about you.