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How To Look Like A Professional Sommelier At A Wine Tasting

By | source:Here Jan 29th, 2022

I’ve only been on two wine tasting tours, and I’ve never felt so clueless. I usually grab whatever’s cheapest at Trader Joe’s, but there’s a whole wine world out there.

The first thing this infographic explains is the difference between old world and new world wines. Old world wines come from countries that are considered the birthplace of wine, like Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

New world wines come from countries that used to be colonies, like the U.S., Chile, South Africa and Australia. Look for your favorite wine on this chart to see which region it’s from.

This infographic also shares the key components of a label to make your wine shopping a bit easier.

Red and white wines should be stored between 53 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Red wine should be served slightly below room temperature, while white wine should be chilled before serving.

Lastly, here’s the best way to drink a glass of wine. Take a small sip and swirl it to coat your entire mouth. This allows you to appreciate all of the flavors.

Continue the learning by finding out which wine suits your personality type. Happy drinking!