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Here’s What It Takes To Burn Off The Calories In Junk Food

By | source:Here Apr 2nd, 2018

“Just one unhealthy meal won’t hurt, right?” If you’re like most people, this thought has crossed your mind even on a strict diet. Maybe it was a late night when only McDonald’s was open, or when that slice of cake just looked too good to pass up.

But is one burger really harmless? While it won’t completely ruin your diet, it may be more calories than you bargained for. In today’s infographic, we’re looking at how much it takes to work off various foods. In a can of cola, there are only approximately 140 calories, which is less than 10% of an average person’s daily caloric intake (roughly 2,000 calories). Just to burn off one cola, you would need to run a whopping 1.2 miles! If you have a Big Mac with your drink, you’d have to run a total of 6.2 miles to work off the calories, the equivalent of running two 5k races.

Although calorie-rich foods were great for our ancestors, who needed the energy to hunt and gather their meals, it’s a bit different today. When you can buy meals with thousands of calories without realizing it, you have to exercise discipline if you want to stay healthy.To take the first step towards a healthier diet, learn how to break bad eating habits.

As they say, everything in moderation, including moderation. Even though you may have to spend a bit more time in the gym because of that burger, it’s definitely worth it for the occasional treat.