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10 April Fools’ Pranks To Play On Your Friends

By | source:Here Apr 1st, 2018

We all know the old saying, “Friends are the spice of life.” Yes, we love them dearly and want them to know it, but sometimes we just want to play pranks on them – for fun, of course.
If you are planning to surprise your buddy, you must understand them first. If the prank goes too far, it’s likely that you guys will no longer be friends anymore. What category does your friend fall into? Do they like to joke around? Are they a good sport?

A coworker who is not very close to you might not enjoy any prank. You don’t want to shake up the office, so let’s not lose your job just because you think it would be fun to play some pranks. Stick with people you know well, like family members and close friends.

And if your friends hate pranks or are extra gullible, you may want to skip pranks altogether. There are other ways to surprise your friends and have fun together!

On the other hand, a close friend who likes to have fun and doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke will probably enjoy an unusual prank. You might even be able to pull one with a high cruelty factor from this infographic. So, my mischievous friends, have you chosen your prank? Happy April Fools’ Day!