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Back-to-School Plastic Surgery: Going Too Far?

By | source: Aug 3rd, 2012

The number of teens and children getting plastic surgery in the last ten years has gone up 30%. Either parents are getting worse at making their children feel good about themselves, or our kids are getting uglier and I don’t believe the latter. Is giving your child plastic surgery a good idea? My opinion is no. Your child is a child and I’m sure they do not make the best decisions all the time. Tell them to wait until 18 when they notice looking perfect isn’t always attractive.

Bullying has been a problem in schools since education’s inception. Having acne and other problems can lead to unfortunate name calling or other juvenile activities. Acne can really have an impact on how a teen can view themselves compared to their peers. Always washing my face and pillow cases are some of the tricks I figured out back in my puberty days to keep the acne away. I was lucky and never required more serious treatment, but acne is not alone – cosmetic surgery trends in children seem to only be on the rise. [Via]