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Women’s Preventive Services

By | source: Aug 2nd, 2012

As an advocator for Womenâ??s rights, Iâ??ve been keeping tabs on the Affordable Health Care Act and its effect on womenâ??s health services; which includes, among other things, free birth control for insured women. As of yesterday, August 1, 2012, women will do longer have to dish out a co pay for numerous preventative services. As you can see from todayâ??s infographic, the Affordable Health Care Act offers many free services to women.

However, as with every great thing, there are rules that apply. So before you waltz into your doctorâ??s office expecting a free checkup, ask your healthcare provider about its rules that affect the new Health Care Plan. There is no doubt that women will be positively affected by this plan, and I am excited to see this new preventative health plan take its toll on the public. [via]