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Anatomy of a Doctor

By | source: Dec 22nd, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, but I don’t think I’ve ever seriously considered medical school. Hard work does pay off, but only if you’re good at biology in this case. My problem has always been the crazy amount of names to learn. This semester I learned how to clone genes in my class, but unfortunately I’ve already forgotten most of the details.

The thought of medical school and MCAT tests already raises my stress levels. It’s no surprise that a large percent of doctors feel stress. Only half of them recommend their career to others. It seems like a fun career once all the classes and training are done. My doctors always seem to be happy by the way they carry themselves. The really high salaries probably help boost their attitude.

So not everyone is cut out to be a doctor. Although it sounds really cool and we dream about as a child, becoming a doctor is not always practical. It is a high-intensity job with high-intensity pay. But the joys of helping others and saving lives are worth it. [Rn to Msn]