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The Online Customer

By | source: Dec 21st, 2011

This year, more than previous years, I joined the massive force of online holiday shoppers. I was able to check 5 people off from my holiday shopping list in an hour and all without much more than a few clicks to “add to my cart” and pay. I didn’t have to dodge any fist fights over a Tickle Me Elmo stuffed animal, or come home reeking of the perfume that always manages to cling to hair and clothing after a department store visit.

It’s true that shopping online, while convenient, loses some of the personal touch of shopping. When you need help, sometimes all you can turn to is the FAQ page, which inevitably will not have the answer to your terribly original question. But, as today’s infographic observes, many companies are ramping up their online customer service options because of the direct correlation between quality customer service and repeat sales.

Whether you are an online shopper or the customer service guru at an online store, take a look at this infographic for some facts and statistics about how online shopping has grown over the years and what customers want from an online shopping experience. [via]